About Us

Our Trustees

Lending Hope Ltd. has been established by a group of Trustees who have all worked in the educational system for over a decade. During the course of their work they constantly encounter unmet needs or issues that are not being addressed. The result of this is that often children, who could otherwise do well, fail to achieve their potential and fall between the cracks due to any number of reasons. In an ideal world, this should not be happening, and it is our duty, as members of society, to ensure that no child is left without appropriate support.

What We Do

On a day to day basis, our Trustees come across children who face unaddressed educational challenges which subsequently causes them to lag behind their peers on both an educational and social level. Other, so called ‘regular’ children, are also failing to achieve their potential and otherwise miss out on many opportunities available in greater society. Many parents struggle to meet their children’s needs and are also challenged on a daily basis during out-of-school hours due to the lack of appropriate activities available for their children during this unstructured time, as well as a shortage of suitable educational reading material. While many families find they are challenged due to lack of appropriate resources, a fair amount deal with extreme poverty and/or health issues that limits the amount of funds available for their children’s extra needs. This is particularly troublesome during holiday periods when expectations and expenses are at an all-time high. Some of these parents can’t possibly fund additional tutoring, therapy or extracurricular activities despite the fact that they are very much needed.

Another unmet need is school transportation. A large percentage of parents in the area have been blessed with large families. Though they are exceedingly grateful for this blessing, shepherding their young ones to and from their designated schools during the early morning and late afternoon rush is no easy feat. With children attending various different establishments, and sometimes a couple of pre-school children in the mix, this seemingly regular task generates undue stress which very often translates into late attendance. Though many children walk to school, those living a good distance from their school find the long trek rather difficult, particularly in inclement weather. And we all know the ramifications of late attendance… not only do the children actively miss out on class time, but it also starts their day on the wrong footing and doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day.

Our Trustees, who are uniquely qualified for this task, have now banded together to fill these gaps. With the help of kind donors within the local community, Lending Hope Ltd. has set out to transform the lives of the local young people under 25 and to open new doors of possibility and success.

Our main activities are focused on: