Lending Hope Ltd. has noticed some large gaps in the educational system and is hoping to:

  • Establish a number of school libraries in order to give students easy access to a wide range of quality literature and educational material that will broaden their knowledge, assist in project research and cross referencing for school reports, and help to reinforce new skills.
  • Organise various extra-curricular activities in order to stimulate the children and give them a chance to do well in non-academic activities while working within a team and in a safe and structured environment;
  • Set up a variety of out-of-school programs that will occupy the students during out-of-school hours in a safe and stimulating environment. Programs such as these are particularly important during school holidays and we hope to fill that gap and enable all children to participate in some form of structured activities during time off from school;
  • Source, and on occasion fund, 1:1 tutors, therapists and LSA’s for children who fall behind the class’ curriculum or who otherwise haven’t met age-appropriate goals. This will also be available to children struggling with behaviour or social difficulties.
  • Run tailor made activity programs for individuals living with special educational needs, during both term time and school holidays, and provide them with additional educational support so that they can flourish and succeed in mainstream schools whenever possible.


Our education department also runs a sub-division that will deal with transportation. Lending Hope Ltd. has purchased a fleet of school-vans in order to provide door to door transportation to many local children so that they can get to and from school and out-of-school activities in a safe and efficient manner. This will bring immense relief to the parents, the children, and the schools. The parents, particularly those managing large families or several little children, will be relieved that their morning and afternoon routines will now run more smoothly. The children will appreciate that they can now get to school in a timely manner and not have to rush out and/or arrive late, particularly if they don’t live close by. And the school staff will be thrilled that the children are arriving in a relaxed frame of mind without causing undue disturbance to the rest of the class. We hope this will be a win-win situation for all involved.

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