For families dealing with poverty each and every day is a struggle.

Between rental payments, tuition, clothing, shoes and food, there’s only so far their meagre income will stretch. Many of these families find themselves in desperate need due to unemployment, complicated family situations, poor health or other extenuating circumstances beyond their control. We are open to assisting families at all times but special consideration will be given during periods of high financial pressure such as holiday seasons, the beginning of a new school year, or when a family is blessed with a new baby. We will also give priority to those living in compromised family situations, widows and orphans, and single-parent families. Lending Hope Ltd. will provide help in some of the following ways:

  • Provide donations or long-term loans, as appropriate in an individual’s specific situation.
  • Assist families in obtaining scholarships or subsidised tuition.
  • Provide store vouchers for subsidised clothing, food or other necessities during particularly difficult times or prior to holiday periods.

Every situation is carefully evaluated by our Trustees in order to establish the best course of action based on the family’s actual needs and to ensure funds are allocated or used as intended. All recipients are required to complete a detailed form as well as provide proof of expenses and other documentation as deemed necessary.

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